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Creating Consent Culture

in Schools and Workplaces


             Programs for educators,
                violence prevention coordinators,

                         and human resources.

                                                              Fun and Interactive learning techniques

for Improving Relational Intelligence

and Creating Consent Culture!


Consent Culture Intro

A two hour experiential workshop that improves relational intelligence, and teaches ways to create consent culture. This workshop is appropriate for all genders and all ages 10 and up. Participants are led through a series of partnered and group exercises that help them to practice healthy boundaries and clear communication. These workshops are fun and full of laughter as well as an invitation to personal growth. Join us in creating a world where consent is the norm. Learn more about the benefits of attending this workshop just below.

Train the Trainer Workshop

Educators and Facilitators Learn to Lead Consent Education in the Classroom

This all-day workshop is intended for people who are already trained in group facilitation and would like to add this powerful interactive consent education workshop to their tool belt. Being able to share some or all of the exercises with classes can create a shift in the classroom culture to one that is more conducive to collaboration and learning. Simple tools for modeling consent and how to use difficult interactions as teaching moments are just part of what we will cover.

Your Facilitator - Erica Scott

"Rebuilding my boundaries has been a lifelong journey. Join

me in creating a world where everyone's personal autonomy is      honored."
- Erica Scott

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I know what it is to have one’s boundaries broken and be left with a shattered sense of personal autonomy. That is why I'm passionate about preventing this kind of damage by teaching consent and healthy boundaries.

In this life I have been a mother, a web series creator and a business owner, as well as holding down a full time career in a male dominated industry. Several years ago a health crisis brought my busy life to a standstill. I found myself in bed for months, terrified that I would lose my job and my house. I was forced to revisit my priorities and saw that I had left my own joy and pleasure off of my to do list. In order to move forward I had to find balance.I embarked on a journey of learning to slow down and love myself.My recovery led to the gift of healing lingering wounds and trauma from childhood.

I have always been an innovator and a disruptor. I’m proud to say that my Consent Culture Intro Workshop is a unique and innovative way to teach consent education. It quickly and clearly covers the basics of cultivating healthy and happy interactions. And it's fun! Participants laugh, effortlessly learning a new paradigm in relating. you will come away feeling empowered to meet the world in a new way.

What Participant's Learn in the Consent culture Intro workshop:

How to Assert Your Boundaries

Many people struggle with saying no.Participants will be guided through fun partnered and  group exercises in which they will practice saying no and yes.  individual exercises help bring clarity to the process of determining whether you are an authentic no or an authentic yes.

How to Graciously Accept Other's Boundaries

Even more of us struggle with hearing no! This is the key to Consent Culture. When we move beyond seeing "no" as a personal attack and instead see it as an honoring of self, we can create safety for everyone to be true to their authentic wants and needs. Participants enjoy learning ways to make others feel more comfortable to express themselves.

Consent is collaboration

Participants have fun practicing the skills they have learned in paired and group exercises. You emerge as a proud innovator and a role model of Consent Culture in your family and community.

What is Relational Intelligence?

Relational Intelligence is the ability to learn, integrate, and utilize knowledge that pertains to our interpersonal relationships. Relationships are ultimately a dance between autonomy and interdependence, and the better we become at this dance, the more satisfying and productive our lives will be. This requires, self-awareness, empathy and compassion. For most of us, there is more to unlearn than there is to learn.

The cultural definition of consent has evolved over recent years from 'no means no', to 'get a verbal yes', to 'anything but an enthusiastic yes is a no'. These are all true and I would like to add, 'How can we collaborate to have the most mutually beneficial interactions possible?' A culture that is founded on the principles that provide personal autonomy and respect for every individual is a Consent Culture.

What is Consent Culture?

Mission Statement

I acknowledge that I have lived and worked for most of my adult life on the unceded territory of the Sinixt, an Indigenous Nation that was specifically targeted for genocide by the Canadian government, and erroneously(and illegally!) declared extinct in 1956.

Despite this the Sinixt Peoples continue to live on their territory, stewarding and protecting the land, educating the settler community, and fighting for their sovereign rights.

I declare this business to be anti racist, anti ablist, lgbtq supportive, and anti misogynist. I am committed to a journey of unlearning and decolonizing my own mind as a white settler, and I pledge to make this mindset central to all trainings offered by this company. I invite all concerns, comments, and corrections from people who feel harmed by me, or feel that I have not lived up to this declaration.


"There are certain events, conversations and interactions that profoundly impact how we show up and have the ability to change our perception of the world. This was my experience of The Consent Culture Intro. The experience has greatly affected the newfound clarity I have regarding my yes's and my no's, and my ability to truly hear and accept others." - Danyale Thomas Ross

"Erica Scott is a thoughtful advocate for consent culture and her workshops are informative and refreshingly playful. Her message is straightforward and heartfelt, and delivered with humor, compassion, and a great deal of empathy and care. Participating in her workshop gives educators, organizers, and all types of participants at varying degrees of knowledge about consent culture space to ask questions, to question assumptions, and to develop vocabulary and tools for creating respectful relationships and environments for all. I was impressed with Tika's personal dedication to educating and broadening the scope of conversations about consent. Her proactive and compassionate voice would be an asset to any school, workplace, event or community hoping to create respectful dialogue and mutual understanding around issues of consent." - Vivian Best


I look forward to hearing from you!

Upcoming Events

March 2020

After offering the Consent Culture Intro Workshop and Train the Trainer Workshops in Hawaii and India in 2019, I am aiming to launch in Canada as soon as we can gather in groups again. The next events are TBA.


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